Winter Wedding Trends, 2014-15

As the holiday season approaches, I’m taking a look at the latest (and recurring) trends that are inspiring winter weddings…

Green & White Palettes

Woodland themes were one of my favorite trends to see for late summer and fall weddings, so I am thrilled to see this trend being carried into winter weddings. Brides are taking advantage of evergreen and other cold-weather plants to incorporate into their wedding flowers and décor. Pair the vibrant greens with white roses, hydrangea, or dahlias to create a fresh, wintery color scheme. My tip for budget-conscious brides: subsitute the expensive flowers for baby’s breath. An abundance of these small, delicate buds literally looks like snow!


Comfort Foods

Let’s face it: this is the season to throw out the diets and indulge in our favorite comfort foods. I love to encourage winter brides to create menus around cozy, comfort foods that we’ve loved since childhood. Many caterers have made these popular foods staples in their wedding menus, and can display them in elegant ways. Your guests will be wowed as they feast on favorites like these mini grilled cheese sandwiches with shots of warm tomato bisque. Yummy!


Embellished Bouquets

I am all for sparkle in unexpected places! Many brides opt out of the typical “blinged out” wedding décor, and are drawn more towards vintage-inspired pieces to add sparkle to their weddings. My favorite trend is bridal bouquets that have brooches and pins added to them. Shop thrift stores and flea markets for inexpensive finds, and then watch you florist create the perfect complient to your bridal look. Added bonus: the less live flowers you use, the easier the bouquet is to preserve.


Fabric Inspirations

Vintage inspiration will always be popular with weddings. This season I’m seeing vintage fabrics being used in much more than the dress and linens. Give guests a glimpse into the vintage feel of your wedding by incorporating lace into your invitations. Or take a sample from your lace veil to your talented confectioner, and watch them create a stunning wedding cake that will be almost too beautiful to eat. However you choose to use vintage fabrics, be assured that the inspiring touches will create a timeless and romantic look that you will cherish long after your wedding.

wintertrends4     wintertrends5

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