Fall Wedding Trends, 2014

It’s my favorite time of year again! Let’s get inspired by all of the cozy trends being seen in fall weddings…

Warm Color Palettes

Weddings are getting cozier this season, especially when it comes to the color palettes used in flowers and décor. My favorite color to warm things up this season is orange. To avoid the cliché, pumpkin look, go for a lighter, amber shade. I would also suggest pairing this color with something unexpected: try a shade of purple (a hugely popular color this year), or a neutral, like navy blue or gray.

falltrend14 1     falltrend14 2


Romantic, feminine, lace details have been very popular this year. For the daring bride, create an ultra-sexy look by following the “naked lace” trend. These gowns are very form-fitting to follow all of your curves; and the sheer, lacy patterns are done over nude-colored fabics. The most daring is flesh-toned – to give the illusion that it’s your skin showing through, and not fabric – but it can also be done over taupe or ivory. After all, you only want to give your fiancé heart palpitations, not the rest of your guests!

falltrend14 3

Coming Up Roses

My favorite trend this season is rose-gold. The romantic color can be seen in many aspects of the wedding; from shimmery table linens, to flowers, to dishware. I LOVE to see it in jewelry! Rose-gold engagement rings and wedding bands are very popular, and I think they’ll be a trend to stay. The blush color looks beautiful on just about every skin tone. It has just the right amount of vintage and romantic appeal, and it’s a truly unique take on classic design.

falltrend14 4

Flowers Go Natural

Floral arrangements have been taking a more earthy, natural approach this year. From the rainbow of colors used this spring, to the use of wildflowers, I’ve enjoyed seeing centerpieces and bouquets look less tight and contrived. Talk to your florist about loose arrangements. The casual gathering and variety of flowers and greenery result in a look that’s bigger in volume and really a feast for the eyes!

falltrend14 5     falltrend14 6



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