Choosing a Wedding Planner


Hiring a professional wedding planner to help plan your special day – or execute you plans during the wedding weekend – adds countless benefits to the wedding process; from connecting you to wonderful and affordable vendors, to giving you the ultimate peace of mind. Choosing the right planner or coordinator to help tell your love story doesn’t have to be difficult. It just requires some thoughtful consideration, and a few of these helpful hints!…

Be prepared:

Even if you are at the very beginning of your planning process, there’s no need to panic. Many couples already have an idea of what they are envisioning for their wedding; but if you have absolutely no idea what you want, it’s quite alright. There are only a few details you will need to have prepared when you look to hire a planner: your wedding date (with an alternate if you are choosing a popular date or month), an approximate guest count, and an approximate budget.

When interviewing planners:

Yes, you MUST meet with a potential planner; don’t hire any wedding professional sight-unseen! It is incredibly important to meet potential planners for the big day. I pride myself on having a complimentary consultation (with no time restraint) for all potential clients. I want a client to feel like they have as much time as they need to get to know me, as they could be entrusting me with one of the most important days in their life. When it comes to interviewing, there are several factors that you should be prepared to discuss with an event planner: Do they have your preferred date available? Do they understand your vision, or can they help you to come up with a vision if you are undecided? Can they work with your budget? Do your personalities mesh?

A planner’s experience:

The experience of a professional wedding planner should be considered in your decision-making process. But I do challenge you to consider the quality of experience, and not just the quantity. A person doesn’t necessarily have to spend twenty years planning weddings to be good at what they do. Sometimes, considering an up-and-coming planner (or any vendor) can bring a fresh perspective to the process. When talking to prospective planners, ask them how many events they book per day. Will your wedding have their undivided attention, or will you have to share them with another event? Do they have assistants that help the day remain organized and flow seamlessly? I do believe that it is important to hire an independent professional that has experience booking and planning their own events. Ask your planner if they have experience planning their own events, or do they only intern under other established planners. Most importantly, how are their communication and problem-solving skills? Anything can happen when it comes to weddings; you want to make sure to hire someone that not only keeps the process organized, but can thrive under pressure and troubleshoot any potential snags without causing you undue stress. As you interview your planner, don’t forget to get references. A reputable planner will be happy to provide references from past clients or other proven vendors in the industry.

Business offerings:

As you prepare to book your wedding planner, make sure you are clear on how they conduct their business. Ask if they provide full-service planning, or day-of coordination options. Never hire someone without a contract. Before you sign, be sure to read it carefully to ensure that you are getting exactly what you pay for. Sometimes the fine-print helps in the decision making: are you getting someone that will help you with the little extras like booking hotel rooms, managing your RSVP’s, and designing a website; or will they just show up on wedding day and leave as soon as your cake is cut? Lastly, make sure they can fit into your budget timeline; ask about payment options, and if a payment plan is available.

Congratulations on your engagement! Please contact me at 336.508.8241, or, to see how I can be of assistance in planning your big day!


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