3 Wedding Traditions You Can Skip (and 3 to Keep!)


Skip the White Dress

Yes, a traditional white dress is still the most popular choice for brides. But, if a white dress is just not your style, don’t feel pressured to wear one. These days, many couples are opting for more bold colors to showcase their wedding style. Choose an ultra-chic black or platinum dress; or a sexy red one. If you desire a more subtle deviation from white, try colors like taupe, oatmeal, or my favorite – blush.

Skip the Cake-cutting

The cake-cutting ceremony is a time-honored tradition; but I’ve recently seen couples rush through it to get a photograph, and then focus on returning to their party. If you don’t want to be pulled away from socializing or dancing, feel confident in skipping the cake-cutting. Your caterer can still serve it so that guests can partake at their leisure. If you’re not into a traditional wedding cake, but you still have a sweet tooth, try an alternative dessert. Have a cookie and candy bar, or a display table of different varieties like pies or family recipes. I recently did an ice cream sundae bar that everyone loved – the wedding cake wasn’t even missed!

Skip the Favors

Many guests still expect a tangible favor to commemorate your wedding. But I’ve seen many guests leave without one, and many favors get discarded. If you are looking for ways to save some money, and favors aren’t that important to you and your fiancé, it is certainly acceptable to not include them in your reception. As an alternative, I would suggest making a charitable donation to a cause that is important to you. You could also try an edible favor: provide small to-go boxes for your guests to take dessert home with them (since they’ll already be stuffed from dinner)!

Keep the Marriage Vows

This should go without saying, but I will say it anyway: don’t skip over planning your wedding ceremony and marriage vows. Yes, the planning period can often be a whirlwind of tulle, flowers, and cake-tastings. But taking the time to plan your ceremony shouldn’t be overlooked; it’s the reason why everyone is there! Whether you write your own vows or use traditional passages, take your time thinking of the words that you will recite to your beloved. A thoughtful, romantic ceremony will be the very thing to make your wedding story everything you dreamed of.

Keep the Guest Book

Some might not find a guest book to be a significant part of the wedding. I’ll be honest: my guest book gathers dust on a bookshelf. So why is it important? Because, every once in a blue moon, I’ll pull it out and look at all of the signatures of loved ones that helped us celebrate our wedding; and I’m glad I have it. If you’re looking for a cool alternative to a traditional guest book, try including instant snapshots of guests from a photo booth, or having guests write messages on Jenga or puzzle pieces. It might not seem important at first, but you’ll appreciate the sentimental value for years to come.

Keep the Wedding Pictures

It’s more important than people think: your wedding pictures. I am sometimes surprised by some couples who don’t seem to be interested in hiring a great photographer. These are a record of the memories that you will have for hopefully a lifetime; careful attention must be paid! While you should devote an appropriate percentage of your budget to a good photographer, this doesn’t mean that you have to break the bank hiring the most expensive one or purchasing the most expensive package. Use suggestions from your planner, family, and friends to find a professional wedding photographer; then take the opportunity to meet with them. It’s important that you not only love their work, but that you mesh well and feel confident that they will provide the style of pictures that you desire for your wedding.

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