Summer Wedding Trends, 2014

With Memorial Day weekend upon us, Summer is officially here – and us wedding vendors are getting pretty busy! These next few months are still the most popular time of year for weddings. Let’s face it: the weather is gorgeous (if you can take the heat!), and there’s nothing like a summer wedding to bring out everyone’s super-fun side. But, if you’re planning I-do’s to take place during this popular time of year, don’t feel like your wedding has to be cookie-cutter. Here are some growing summer trends that I’m seeing to add a unique touch to your event….

Mismatched Bridal Party


If you’d like for your bridal party to stand out in a cool, non-traditional way, throw out the idea of everyone looking exactly alike. With each of your girls having different personalities, styles, and body-types, trying to make each one deal with fitting into the same dress may prove difficult. While it is important for your bridal party to respect your wishes, they will love that you thought to give them some more options. Look at dresses in the same color family, with similar materials. You can change up the neckline or length to add variety. You can even invite your bridesmaids to do different hairstyles or accessories; just make sure they show you ahead of time so you can make sure everything looks cohesive.



There are many ways to incorporate Eco-friendly options into your wedding style. Gone are the days when an Eco-chic wedding has to be either ultra-rustic or very expensive. Many vendors are including options that are friendly to the environment, and won’t break the bank. Look for a way to give back to local communities by hosting your wedding in a garden or park – it’s the perfect time of year! Minimize the use of paper, by writing the ceremony program or dinner menu on a large chalkboard. Ask your caterer for options that include locally grown or produced ingredients. Instead of giving favors that people will throw in the back of a drawer, look for options that people will use, like a potted herb plant and pretty wildflower-seed packets. Or, my personal favorite, skip the traditional favor and give a donation to your favorite charity, in honor of your wedding and all of the loved ones that came to celebrate with you.

Summer Cocktails


Margaritas and Mojitos are a staple at summer parties. But why not step outside of the box with your reception cocktails! Try adding liquor or champagne to lemonade for a naughty kick; or try a unique seasonal favorite, like a Mint Julip. My favorite drink to use during the summer… strawberry smoothies! Advantages: with a couple of blenders, you can mix in bulk and they can save a lot of money. To try this delicious and refreshing summer cocktail, simply blend a sweet wine, like Rosado or Riesling, with mulled strawberries and ice.

 Late-night Parties


You may want a outdoor summer wedding, without suffering through midday heat. Or you may just be more of a night-owl. I see many couples that prefer to host their events late into the night. Sounds like a great party to me! If you have a venue with a great outdoor option, try investing part of your rental budget into an open-air tent. Guests will love the being in the gorgeous summer weather, while still being somewhat protected from the elements. Think about starting your ceremony at dusk to take advantage of an amazing summer sunset; then, the party will really begin after dark. Add some fun touches like spicy food, games, and your favorite DJ, and watch your guests have a ball. Nothing beats partying with your new spouse all night, under the stars!

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