Top Romantic Venues in the Triad

No matter what their personal style is, every couple wants to infuse romance into their wedding. In honor of Valentine’s Day, I’d like to give my picks for the top five romantic wedding venues in the Triad area. Please keep in mind, these picks are my personal opinion. Feel free to let me know what your favorite romantic venues are. Enjoy!

5. Castle McCullough (Jamestown, NC)

If you’re dreaming about being a princess on your wedding day, there’s no better place than this old-world castle in the woods.

castlemccullough2     castlemccullough

4. Revolution Mill Studios (Greensboro, NC)

This renovated textile mill is the perfect blend of rustic charm with vintage, historic touches.

revolutionmills     revolutionmills3

3. Proximity Hotel (Greensboro, NC)

Even a modern bride can have a super romantic wedding in this glamorous hotel.

proximityhotel     proximity weaver room

2. Graylyn Estate (Winston-Salem, NC)

Magnificent grounds and opulent, 1930’s decor surround you at this stunning country estate.

GraylynEstate4     graylynestate2

1. Weir-Jordan House (Greensboro, NC)

      My top pick for the most romantic venue is this beautiful historic home in downtown Greensboro, which happens to be the venue of my 2010 wedding. Its vintage charm was the perfect backdrop for the intimate, Southern soiree that I wanted (in honor of my very own Southern gentleman, Justin).

weirjordan     ss-871

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