Winter Wedding Trends, 2013-14

The spring and summer seasons are still my busiest time of year to plan weddings. But I am pleased to see more and more couples having weddings between the months of November and February. Especially in a climate as mild as North Carolina’s can be, winter weddings are growing in popularity. While holiday ornaments and snowflakes are still seen throughout many celebrations, brides are finding new ways to wow their guests at their winter nuptials.



Since this is the time of year when the sun is setting very early in the evening, many wedding receptions are lasting long into the night. So why not make it a formal, glamorous extravaganza? Think, “The Great Gatsby”: vintage-inspired glamour with tons of romance and sparkle. Wedding gowns are taking a nod from the 1920’s with sheer necklines, sparkling embellishments, wispy, organza fabrics, and vintage headpieces; even grooms are looking amazing in dapper tuxedos. When it comes to décor, skip the fake “bling” everywhere, and opt for sparkle with tons of candles. Tapered white candles in crystal holders, off-set with strategic up-lighting around the room will create the wow-factor that a Gatsby event requires.

Something Blue


When it comes to color palettes, blue has been extremely popular this year; it’s like the new black! Carrying this trend into the winter months, there are many shades that can add a bold, yet classic look to your décor; from navy, to cobalt, to royal, to teal. I recommend going all out, using your favorite shade of blue as a base, and then accenting with another color. Try silver or gold for a traditional, evening look; or a modern accent like fuchsia.



Even with its growing popularity, winter-season weddings are still more cost-effective than the spring-summer season. Given that, couples can afford to splurge on their flowers. Instead of flowers indigenous to warmer weather, include perennial cotton branches into your centerpieces to give height; or unique seasonal blooms like succulents, lamb’s ear, and thistle.



The wedding cake has always been one place where the couple can be creative and non-traditional. Many have chosen elaborate cakes of different shapes and colors with whimsical designs and flowers. This season’s weddings are seeing a return to the “less-is-more” concept: a tall, wintery white cake with one bold accent, like a black bow on each layer or a tight ball of red roses as a topper. The clean, monochromatic design, with strategic placement and lighting in the reception, is sure to be a show-stopper.

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