Let’s Eat Cake!

Ahhh, the wedding cake: arguably one of the best parts of the wedding reception. We’ve all (hopefully) enjoyed a wonderful meal, and we’re gearing up for some lively dancing; so bring on the sugar rush!

Ever wonder about the history of the wedding cake? In ancient Rome, the groom broke a barley cake over his bride’s head to signify the marriage. In medieval England, a pile of buns was assembled, and the happy couple kissed over the pile to bring prosperity. Their unmarried guests often took a piece home to tuck under their pillow. By the mid-sixteenth century, sugar was abundant in England, and white icing became a staple on wedding cakes. The more refined the sugar, the whiter the icing was. Pure white wedding cakes signified both the bride’s virginity, as well as the affluence of the family. Tiered cakes also became a popular show of status in the Victorian age; the massive confection served at the wedding of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip weighed over 500 pounds!

Today’s wedding cakes are the perfect way for the bride and groom to express their wedding style; from sophisticated and timeless, to fun and out-of-the-box. I truly admire the artistry used in creating all of the amazing cakes I’ve seen. I’d like to take a moment and highlight some of my favorite area cake makers. Be inspired (and hungry)!

Cakes by Chloe


919.599.1150 or 336.662.7576

cakesbychloe2   cakesbychloe5   cakesbychloecake   cakesbychloe6

Dewey’s Bakery

Katy Hites: Katy@deweys.com


deweyscake   deweyscake2   deweyscake3   deweyscake4

Delicious Bakery



deliciousbakeryake   deliciousbakery2   deliciousbakery3   deliciousbakery4

Maxie B’s



      maxieb   maxiebcake2   maxiebcake   maxieb2

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