Fall Wedding Trends, 2013

Fall is my favorite time of year! I’ve always been a cold-weather girl, so there is nothing more exciting than experiencing the change from sweltering humidity to autumn breezes, as well as the brilliant colors. Fall weddings are growing in popularity in North Carolina; and I especially love discovering the new trends, both to enhance my own work, and to share with brides.



Shorter dresses aren’t just for summer destination weddings anymore! Hemlines have lifted on many of the bridal runways for fall and winter. As a bride, the combo of nerves and adrenaline will make a woman hot regardless of what time of year her wedding takes place; why not be comfortable? This year I’m seeing tea-length gowns that tastefully show off the toned legs and arms that you worked hard all summer for. As you dance the night away, a flirty A-line in romantic fabrics like tulle and organza can enhance those amazing shoes that might have otherwise been hidden underneath a floor-length gown.


family style

Forget about saving the bountiful, family dinners for Thanksgiving. Wedding receptions this season are seeing true celebrations of love, family, and togetherness. What better way than to celebrate with food? Buffets are taken to the next level with “farm tables”: rich, colorful displays of everything from dishes made from fresh, locally-grown ingredients; to chic, modern versions of comfort foods. If you’re not into a buffet, try serving dinner family-style at each table. For my “foodie” brides, try going Tapas – a Spanish style of dining, serving a variety of small tasting dishes. Go beyond the typical salad-entrée-dessert dinner, and wow your guests with a modern, dinner party-inspired tasting menu.

The New Neutral

neutral wedding

A fall wedding doesn’t necessarily mean you have to use a color palette of orange, red, and brown. Don’t get me wrong, I love paying homage to the gorgeous changes of color that nature displays during the autumn months. But don’t feel like you have to be pigeon-holed into pumpkin centerpieces. Here’s an idea: go neutral! Monochromatic color palettes are a great way of adding a modern and sophisticated twist to a fall wedding. Experiment with tones of ivory, taupe, and gray (my personal favorite this season); then break up the tones with pops of black or navy, which look especially good for an evening reception. If you still want some color, try shades that are not typically fall, like fresh green and acai.

Marrying Glamour & Rustic


A glamorous wedding doesn’t have to overdose on fake crystals everywhere.  A rustic wedding doesn’t have to involve a single bale of hay. Marrying the two concepts together can create a truly unique and memorable event. There are several venues across the Triad that combine the rustic elements of wood, exposed brick, and nature, with glamorous elements of chandeliers and chiavari chairs. Try places like Revolution Mill Studios, Adaumont Farm, and WinMock at Kinderton. When it comes to décor, skip the tall, identical centerpieces, and opt for an eclectic grouping of vintage-inspired vases with different varieties of flowers, for a textured, gathered look. And, because every glamorous wedding needs some sparkle, create the ultimate atmosphere with an abundance of candles in hurricane vases, or vintage chandeliers used in unique places like tents, barns, or even hung in trees.

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